Inflatable Boats By SeaEagle, Save Money This Summer On The Water.

Many people use their Seaeagle inflatable boats for fishing. This has a number of key advantages, including quiet movement, incredible versatility, and the efficient use of gas(none if you use a trolling motor), among other things. Whether you’re ready to catch more fish on your weekend excursions, or you’re beginning to fish for the first time, Seaeagle’s products can significantly improve your chances of landing a big one.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when using Seaeagle inflatable fishing boats.

Amazing versatility allows you to get to those hard-to-reach fishing spots

Most Seaeagle inflatable boats require only inches of water in order to float. Inflatable pontoons create only a slight disturbance in the surface of water, a trait that makes them ideal for fishermen. The more areas of water you can access, the more fish you can catch. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you can get to spots that few other fishermen can go, which means that there are more fish for you.

Even the inflatable boats with motors don’t need more than a couple feet of water in order to run. In fact, by adjusting the motor to a certain angle, you can slowly run it in just under a foot of water. It’s tough to find any kind of boat that is more versatile than this.

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Easy to assemble

If you’ve ever used a standard pontoon fishing boat in the past, then you know how cumbersome and difficult it can be. It can take hours to fit all of the bolts into their respective parts, and this cuts into valuable time that you could have spent fishing. To make matters worse, they often fill up with water and become extraordinarily heavy.

Instead of dealing with these problems, Seaeagle inflatable fishing boats take only minutes to assemble. Inflatable boats that are specifically designed for fishing – like the famous FoldCat – feature a simple folding frame design that can be assembled in less than five minutes. This means that you can pull it out of your car, get it set up on the shoreline, and start fishing in no time at all.


Inflatable fishing boats like the Seaeagle FoldCat compress into extraordinarily small packages. The entire boat fits neatly into two durable nylon carrying bags which will easily fit into the trunk of any car, or even the backseat. If you’ve ever felt limited on outdoor adventures because you only had a car to carry your equipment in, as opposed to a big truck or SUV, then Seaeagle has the perfect solution for you.

Incredibly well-balanced

No matter how confident you are with your ability to balance, we could all use a little extra help while we’re fishing. Seaeagle’s inflatable fishing boats all have incredible balance, which makes it easy to stand and cast a line. The FoldCat, for example, features two large pontoons spaced widely apart, creating optimum balancing conditions for those on board.

Swivel chairs and other accessories

Traditional fishing boats seem more focused on practicality than comfort. With Seaeagle inflatable fishing boats, you get both. Thanks to the inclusion of swivel chairs on several boat models, you can cruise around in comfort and style. The FoldCat includes two chairs that swivel 360 degrees and, for increased comfort, also feature strong back support and generous cushions.

You shouldn’t go home from a day of fishing with a bad back; by ordering a Seaeagle inflatable, you can start to enjoy the days you spend fishing even more.

For a few extra dollars, Seaeagle will also include other useful accessories into your order. Oar sets, seat pedestals, and additional rod holders all make it easier to spend a day on the water, and additional hull bags, foot pumps, and more can be added onto your order as well.

Limit the money you waste on gas

We all know how expensive gas is. Since Seaeagle inflatable fishing boats are so light, they burn through only a fraction of the gas that a conventional fishing boat would use if you choose to power your Seaeagle with a gas powered motor. Of course, on most models, you don’t need to use any gas at all, instead you can mount a trolling motor (goes 5-7 mph) and eliminate the use of gas all together. You can also simply row silently in your fishing boat if you wish. With such a lightweight frame, your Seaeagle inflatable will float along with a minimal amount of effort, which makes it perfect for a relaxing day on the water.

A full floor

Many fishing catamarans have one noticeable problem: they don’t have a floor. You are forced to precariously balance your equipment on small benches or seats and hope that it doesn’t fall off into the water. If you drop something, then you’re out of luck, since there is no floor between the pontoons to catch your equipment.

This isn’t the case with Seaeagle fishing boats. A sturdy floor is stretched between the two pontoons, giving you an added boost of mobility. This may seem like a small, minor feature, but it’s incredibly important when you’re out on the water and makes a huge, yet subtle improvement in your day on the water.

Durable material makes Seaeagle fishing boats suitable for any location

The material that Seaeagle boats are made of is so durable that you can hit it with a hammer without causing any damage. You can even carry pets in your boat without worrying about their paws puncturing the material. If you’ve avoided buying an inflatable boat because of a lack of durability, then think again.

Seaeagle kayaks can easily travel through Class 4 rapids without being punctured, and some Seaeagle customers even venture into alligator territory with their fishing boats. Rocky riverbeds and shallow lakes do not pose a problem for this material, and virtually any water surface can be navigated safely and comfortably. Once you’ve felt the sturdiness of a Seaeagle, you’ll understand why they are so popular.


Quiet, efficient, and powerful, Seaeagle inflatable fishing boats are a significant improvement over traditional forms of fishing. With so many extra features added on and Seaeagle’s usual commitment to quality, you simply cannot go wrong when you order a Seaeagle FoldCat if you have been looking for something that is durable and inexpensive to use out on the water this summer.

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Why Seaeagle Inflatable Boats are the Best in the Industry

Seaeagle’s inflatable boats are becoming more popular every day. They’re great for experienced outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike, and feature a number of unique benefits that have placed Seaeagle’s products at the pinnacle of the inflatable boat industry.

If you’ve considered buying a Seaeagle inflatable boat, then keep reading to learn why they are quickly becoming seen as the best in the industry.

Top-quality manufacturing

When some people hear ‘inflatable boat’, they worry about leaks, tears, and other such problems. Fortunately, Seaeagle’s inflatable boats are incredibly durable, and can withstand all sorts of damage. Pets and animals can jump in and out of your boat without causing any problems, and you can even hit the inflatable fabric with a hammer without worrying about damage.

Put simply, Seaeagle has had forty years to research and develop the most resistant inflatable fabric possible, and this is one of many reasons why their boats are the best in the industry.

Amazing portability

One of the major advantages of buying an inflatable boat is its amazing portability. These boats can be deflated, packaged into the trunk of your car, and then carried down to the water to be inflated once more. Most models can be carried by just one person, and even the larger boat models – which can carry 6 to 7 people, are incredibly lightweight.

Of course, every inflatable boat is relatively easy to carry around, so what makes Seaeagle’s products different? Well, the company has placed a special emphasis on developing an effective compressible framework for all of their boats. This means that each boat can be constructed in just a few minutes, and you don’t have to worry about screws or other removable parts.

This makes Seaeagle’s boats ideal for a weekend getaway: simply throw your compressed Seaeagle FoldCat or your Motormount boat into your car (most models fit into just one or two bags) and away you go. Unlike traditional boat models, you don’t need a special trailer, and you don’t have to spend an hour assembling it by the side of the water. For all of these reasons, Seaeagle inflatables are famous for their portability.

Great for fishing

Many of the inflatable boats that Seaeagle offers have been specifically designed for fishing. Their popular FoldCat model uses two inflatable pontoons to create a comfortable balancing platform on which you can stand while casting a line. It also includes two comfy chairs that swivel 360 degrees, giving you an added range of motion.

These models are a significant improvement over traditional fishing boats. They can float along in just inches of water, and are incredibly silent, so the fish won’t even hear you coming. Many of Seaeagle’s customers are fishermen, and the company knows exactly how to keep these customers happy.

Versatile kayaks

Seaeagle has plenty of options for both beginner and advanced kayakers. Their popular line of Explorer Kayaks is strong enough to take you through Class 4 rapids while retaining the comfort that you need on long river trips.

Just like Seaeagle understands what fishermen need in a boat better than any company, they also understand what kayakers like. With that in mind, they’ve included plenty of useful features. The Seaeagle Explorer Kayak, for example, can drain excess water in your kayak without letting any water in, which can save your life in rough white-water conditions. They also include double-floor protection which keeps you safe and dry even when scraping against rocks and other river features.

Put simply, Seaeagle’s kayaks are durable enough for any adventure that you could think of. If you’ve ever dreamed about cruising down a wild river in a 1, 2, or 3-person kayak, then Seaeagle can help you live that dream. With several different models to choose from, you will easily be able to find one that is right for you.

Surprisingly powerful

Due to the durability and strength of Seaeagle boats, they are not confined to the same restrictions as other inflatable watercraft. Several models can be fitted with a motor, like the Sport Runabout, which holds up to five people and can cruise along at 16 miles per hour. At that speed, you can easily tow a water-skier.

Seaeagle boats are even strong enough to take on powerful ocean waves. Instead of getting tossed around by the current, or feeling helpless against oncoming waves, Seaeagle boats hold their own in the open water, and can be taken virtually anywhere.

Affordable pricing

Seaeagle’s inflatable boats are surprisingly affordable. Outdoor enthusiasts on a tight budget will appreciate some of the smaller models, like kayaks, that can be found for under $1000, while fishermen can save thousands of dollars by buying a Seaeagle inflatable instead of a traditional aluminum or fibreglass fishing boat.

One of the most popular Seaeagle models is the SailCat, which is a 14 foot inflatable catamaran sailboat. It has the features and durability of a standard sailboat without the high cost. Unlike a standard sailboat, the SailCat requires very little maintenance, and can be deflated for transportation or for winter storage. In fact, the entire boat fits into two small bags, which means that you can take it from the trunk of your car to the water in under twenty minutes. Try doing that with a hard-hull catamaran sailboat!

Of course, the cost-savings don’t end once you’ve bought your Seaeagle inflatable boat. Since they are so lightweight, they float across the water with a minimal amount of power. This means that the models which can be fitted with motors can help you save hundreds of dollars on gas. Or, if you’re powering your boat manually, you can put less of a strain on your body and stay on the water for a longer period of time.

Essentially, Seaeagle’s goal is to provide you with the excitement of high-performance boating at an affordable price. Sailboats and other hard-hulled models can cost upwards of $20,000, not to mention the cost of towing, licensing, storage, gas, and more. With Seaeagle, you get all of the benefits of sailing at a fraction of the cost.

For all of these reasons, Seaeagle is seen as the leader of the adventure boating industry.




Seaeagle Inflatable Kayaks – Starting at only $249

Seaeagle’s inflatable kayaks go above and beyond the call of duty to take you on any adventure you can dream of. Whether you want to lazily float down a river, or battle Class 4 rapids in a thundering canyon, Seaeagle’s line of powerful and affordable kayaks can help you do that. Here are some of the most important features you will notice when you buy your Seaeagle inflatable kayak.

Amazing durability

If you’re going to be taking your kayak on rough white-water rides, then you want it to be as well-protected as possible. With Seaeagle kayaks, this is never a problem. Every kayak is fitted with double-floor protection to protect it from any sort of damage or leaks, and the material itself is so strong that you can hit it with the claw side of a hammer without causing any damage.

Since Seaeagle has been around for over forty years, a significant amount of research and development have gone into creating this durable fabric. The entire inflatable kayak is made of durable 1,000 denier polyester-supported material that can withstand extraordinarily high pressures, and contains quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams that protect your boat from leaks at the molecular level.

Of course, that is only the first layer of protection. The second layer is an inner inflatable floor that is attached to the outer surface. This helps to increase your comfort and safety while you’re out in your kayak, and helps ensure that you and your equipment stay relatively dry.

This means you can take your kayak through Class 4 rapids without worrying about getting cut up on rocks or other features. When you’re on rough rapids, a tear in the fabric can endanger your life, and it’s easy to trust your life in the hands of your Seaeagle Explorer kayak.

Seaeagle kayaks go just about anywhere

There’s a reason Seaeagle named their inflatable kayak the ‘Explorer’: it can go just about anywhere. The entire boat can be compressed down into just a single carrying bag, which means you can throw it into the trunk of your car and take it to any waterway you can find. You don’t need to own a big SUV or a truck to experience the thrill of adventure, and Seaeagle kayaks can easily be carried by one person regardless of whether they’re inflated or deflated.

When Seaeagle says that the explorer can go on virtually any body of water, they weren’t kidding: Seaeagle’s Facebook page is filled with pictures of people taking their kayaks everywhere from Arctic fjords to the open ocean, and it’s easy to see why so many customers are happy with their inflatable kayaks.

An innovative drainage system

One of the problems with kayaks is that they can fill up with water. Standard hard-hulled kayaks will often feature a skirt that keeps a lot of this water out, but it’s not a foolproof system. To combat this problem, Seaeagle kayaks feature an innovative self-draining system that lets water out without letting a single drop in.

This is a huge step up from traditional kayaks, which may drain excess whitewater from your boat, but leave you shivering, cold and wet once you hit calmer waters, as it doesn’t stop the inflow of water. This is not an ideal solution, and it has caused hypothermia in many kayakers.

Of course, even if your Seaeagle inflatable kayak gets hit with a huge wave and fills with water, it will still float. To make the drainage system even more efficient, there are four drains located all over the hull for your comfort and safety.

Superb comfort

Explorer kayaks are fitted with comfortable seats that make your kayaking trip significantly more enjoyable. If you’ve ever kayaked before, then you know how uncomfortable the traditional seats can be, especially after a long day on the water. With Seaeagle kayaks, this is never an issue, and the seats all recline comfortably and can be adjusted according to your personal preferences.

In fact, the entire line of Seaeagle kayaks, from bow to stern, has been designed with comfort in mind. The idea is that taking a water-based adventure shouldn’t be a painful experience. Instead, it should be comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing, and that’s exactly what Seaeagle kayaks allow you to do.

Ideal for any age group or skill level

Seaeagle inflatable kayaks are lighter and easier to maneuver than a traditional kayak, which makes them an ideal product for people of any group or skill level. Beginners shouldn’t have any problem navigating their kayak through medium currents, and it’s a great way to teach newbies how to tackle tough rapids.

Seaeagle inflatable kayaks also contain two rear skegs (like the fins on a surfboard) which allow the kayak to paddle straight and true. Other, low-quality kayaks can drift all over the water, leaving you spinning dangerously out of control and leading to a frustrating overall experience. This isn’t the case with Seaeagle kayaks, and customers are often surprised at how easily they can maneuver their inflatable boat.

Affordable for any adventurer

Seaeagle inflatable kayaks are affordable no matter what your budget is. The 380x Explorer Kayak starts at just $899 and can hold up to 3 adults. It also contains all of the features we have listed above, including the innovative drainage system and front and rear spray skirts. Meanwhile, the 420x model is slightly larger, and can carry more weight, and costs only $50 more.

To make the deal even sweeter, Seaeagle’s inflatable kayaks include a three year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, you can even return your Seaeagle free of charge within 180 days (6 months!).

That’s how confident Seaeagle is that you’ll appreciate their kayaks, and this confidence can be seen in every single product that Seaeagle creates. From bow to stern, this company knows exactly how to create effective, top-quality products, which is one of many reasons why Seaeagle is considered to be the leader of the inflatable kayak industry.

Seaeagle Inflatable Catamarans

Seaeagle is quickly becoming known for their inflatable boats. While many people appreciate the company for its line of sport kayaks, Seaeagle also offers a wide selection of inflatable catamarans that can be used for fishing, exploring, or just relaxing on the open water with friends.

With that in mind, here are some of the most important things to know about Seaeagle inflatable catamarans.

Two large inflatable pontoons keep you balanced at all times

A problem with many boats is that you can lose your balance when walking around or standing up. With Seaeagle inflatable catamarans, this is no longer a problem. The two large pontoons create amazing stability – even on fairly rough water, and this stability makes it easy to cast a fishing line or simply stand up and admire the view.

In a normal boat, standing up can cause the entire boat to capsize, leaving you, your equipment, and the people you’re with soaking wet. Thanks to the two large inflatable pontoons on either side of the Seaeagle catamaran, this problem is a thing of the past.

High-performance sailing at an affordable price

Sailing is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. Not only do you have to buy a sailboat (which can cost upwards of $20,000) but you need to pay for storage, transportation, licensing, and more. The costs can quickly add up, turning your prized possession into a money sink. This is why many people are happy to finally get rid of their old sailboat.

With Seaeagle’s inflatable catamarans, you pay a fraction of those costs. The SailCat package (which includes a large catamaran mounted with a full sail) starts at only $2,799. And, to help you save even more money, the entire boat can compress down into two small carrying cases, which makes it easy to bring your catamaran wherever you want to go and eliminates the costs of winter storage.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of sailing the open ocean without the prohibitively high cost of a sailboat, then Seaeagle’s inflatable catamarans are an ideal middle ground.

A gentle learning curve

Some boats require a high level of expertise in order to operate successfully. Seaeagle catamarans are incredibly easy to operate, which makes them ideal for both beginners and advanced users. They’re a great way to teach younger members of the family about the thrill of watersports, and can turn anybody into a sailor in just a few short hours.

Standard sailboats require complex knowledge of rigging in order to use. With the Seaeagle catamaran, you can simply unwrap the sail from the mast and boom and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy. Ultimately, every part of the Seaeagle catamaran is designed to be as easy as possible to use.

Amazingly durable

While all of the benefits listed above may seem attractive, you may still be thinking to yourself that inflatable boats are simply not durable enough.  This is where you’re wrong: Seaeagle has put forty years of research and development into creating a durable, high-quality fabric. Seaeagle’s catamarans are made of this powerful fabric, which makes them perfectly airtight down to the molecular level.

The fabric itself is resistant to all sorts of cuts, tears, and other physical damage. Don’t believe us? On the Seaeagle website, they have a video showing somebody repeatedly swinging the claw end of a hammer at an inflated pontoon. The fabric doesn’t tear. In fact, it doesn’t show any signs of physical damage at all. The science behind this powerful material is complex, and involves a special kind of technology called electronic seaming. Ultimately, the fabric works hard to ensure that you stay as dry and as comfortable as possible when you’re out on the water.

A world-class sail

If you haven’t spent much time around sailboats, then you may be surprised to learn how much research and development goes into designing the perfect sail. To help them create this, Seaeagle called in world famous sail designer Neil Pryde, who created a sail that is fast, efficient, and simple.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the sail is that it sits high above the water, which is where the stronger winds are. The sail is also designed to capture as much of the wind’s energy as possible. Together, these features ensure that your Seaeagle catamaran will move quickly when it’s on the water.

Another advantage of having a high sail is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a boom swinging around to hit you in the head. You also don’t have to raise or lower the sail once you’re done for the day. Instead, you can simply wrap the fabric around the mast and mood, which can then lower for easy transport for and storage.

All of these features make the Seaeagle catamaran incredibly easy to use for both beginners and advanced users, and it’s clear to see the difference that a world-class sail design can make on your sailing experience.

An innovative folding frame and supreme portability

You can’t pack a traditional sailboat into the trunk of your car. However, you can pack a Seaeagle catamaran into just two bags, making it easy to transport it wherever you want to go. The entire package weighs in at just over 100 pounds.

However, the true magic of the Seaeagle inflatable catamaran is when you start to assemble it. The innovative folding frame means that you can set up rigging in a very short period of time, and you can take the catamaran from the trunk of your car to the open water in less than 20 minutes. It includes light aluminum pieces that slide together to create a strong and integrated frame. Once you’ve pieced that together, all you have to do is inflate the hulls and mount the air pressure clamps, and then you’re done. There are very few other inflatable catamarans that are this easy to set up, and it’s a major selling feature for Seaeagle.


For all of these reasons, Seaeagle’s inflatable catamarans are helping people all over the world experience the thrill of sailing at an affordable price. With nimble and responsive handling, a powerful frame and hull, and an overall commitment to high-quality manufacturing, Seaeagle is clearly the leader of the inflatable boat industry.




About Seaeagle Inflatable Boats

If you haven’t already heard of Seaeagle Inflatable Boats, then you will soon. As the leader of the inflatable boat industry, Seaeagle has developed a reputation for creating high-quality, affordable products that stand the test of time.

Whether you’re ready to purchase an inflatable boat immediately, or you would just like to know more about the inflatable boat industry, here are some of the most important things to know about Seaeagle Inflatable Boats.

A rich history of developing strong inflatable watercraft

Seaeagle has been developing inflatable boats for a very long time. Since 1968, the family-run business has designed superior products for all sorts of outdoor activities, like fishing, camping, sailing, and exploring. Seaeagle has an intimate knowledge of the inflatable watercraft industry, and this experience has allowed them to get where they are today.

There are too many businesses nowadays that spring up, sell some flash in the pan product, and then disappear, never to be heard from again. When you buy a Seaeagle boat, you’re entrusting your outdoor adventure to over forty years of industry experience, and can relax knowing that years of care, research, and refinement have been invested into the product you’re sitting in.

Great for beginners and outdoor enthusiasts alike

You may think that you have to be an avid outdoors person to enjoy an inflatable boat. However, Seaeagle Inflatables are suitable for any type of person, and the company has developed a range of products that will appeal to both beginners and advanced adventurers.

Let’s look at Seaeagle’s kayak selection for an example. The Universal Kayak Sail is an easy way to transform an ordinary inflatable kayak into a sailing machine. Kayaks are easy to use on calm water and can be used by virtually anybody, and adding a sail will significantly reduce your workload. This device can be used by people of all ages and skill levels, and is particularly useful for novice kayakers.

Meanwhile, for more advanced outdoor enthusiasts, Seaeagle also sells inflatable boats that can carry a motor, as well as longboards, pontoon boots, and more. Put simply, no matter how familiar you are with outdoor adventuring, you can find a Seaeagle device that is right for you. This is one of the major strengths of the company, and it’s one reason why they’ve been so successful for over 40 years.

Lightweight and easy to carry

The main advantage of using an inflatable boat is its light weight and portability. Seaeagle inflatable watercraft can be deflated and placed in the trunk of a car, allowing you to drive it to wherever your weekend adventure may be. Once you arrive, simply blow it up (either with a manual or automatic air pump) and away you go.

Seaeagle inflatable boats are incredibly lightweight in both their deflated and inflated states. In fact, there isn’t much of a difference between the two states. After all, you’re just adding air. This makes it easy to do a short portage across land, or to carry a Seaeagle inflatable from your car to the water. Most boats are so lightweight that they can be carried by just one person, which makes them an ideal solution for a weekend fisherman or for anybody who appreciates their solitude outdoors.


When some people hear ‘inflatable boat’ they think of air leakages, holes, and other such problems. Obviously, Seaeagle is aware of these problems, and they’ve designed inflatable boats that are incredibly resistant to holes and tears. As mentioned above, many of them are strong enough to carry motors, while others can carry up to 7 people at a time.

Seaeagle boats are also durable enough to hold your pet – even ones with sharp claws. The surface is far thicker and sturdier than an average inflatable boat, and customers are always surprised at how strong the material actually is. There are even pictures of people taking their Seaeagle inflatable boats near alligators and other sharp-clawed critters!

Some of Seaeagle’s kayaks are so durable, in fact, that they can easily be used in Class 4 rapids. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing a river trip on some of the world’s most exotic waterways, then your Seaeagle inflatable boat will be more than durable enough to handle anything you throw at it.

Usable on shallow water

A standard boat has limitations: you usually need at least a few feet of water to prevent it from running aground. With inflatable boats, this is not the case. Many of Seaeagle’s products need only inches of water to float, and can safely cruise along without hitting the bottom. While the inflatable boats with motors require slightly more depth, the angle of the motor can be adjusted to accommodate water as shallow as one foot deep.

Due to this freedom, Seaeagle boats are ideal for all sorts of situations. Cruising up shallow rivers is a breeze, and you rarely have to worry about running aground. Of course, if the water is too shallow for your inflatable boat, then you can easily jump out and carry it as far as it needs to go. As one of the most lightweight and versatile watercraft on the market, Seaeagle inflatable boats can get you to wherever you need to go.

Surprisingly affordable

With forty years of experience, amazing durability, and innovative product development, you may think that Seaeagle would charge a pretty penny for their merchandise. Fortunately, this is not the case. Inflatable kayaks (for use by 2-3 adults) start at $899, while frameless pontoon boats (for one person) are only $549.

Even the upper range of Seaeagle’s products is reasonably priced. Their massive inflatable catamaran sailboat, called the SailCat, is priced at $2,799, while boats that can accommodate 6 to 7 adults can be found for $1,849. When you think of the years of adventure and use that you can get out of each inflatable boat, it’s easy to see how cost-effective Seaeagle products actually are.


Put simply, Seaeagle has created an award-winning combination of customer service, effectiveness, and affordability that has made the company a leader in the inflatable boat industry. If you’re ready to start living a life of adventure, or if you’re already an experienced outdoors enthusiast, then buying a Seaeagle inflatable boat could change your life.